How many times have you entertained or planned a party, wedding, sporting or other event that required a substantial amount of ice? If so, you know that purchasing large quantities of ice is a backbreaking task which usually requires many trips to the store. Not to mention, that it’s difficult to determine how much ice you actually need, so most of the time we’re asking friends to help out or we’re making many trips to the store. Mountain Ice main focus is to take that that Problem away. 

Here at Mountain Ice we are an efficient, customer centered Ice Delivery Service. We work as a team to manage and handle every load and delivery project as if it was our own business, party or special event. 

Michael A. Trujillo - Owner

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a similar experience you’re not alone. We did too! I remember asking myself, “how could something as simple as ice … be so difficult?” It would have been so much easier to have an ice delivery service. After all, you can’t purchase that much ice in advance. Where are you going to store it until you need it? Ice melts!